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Cat owners who use Litter Genie LOVE IT and can’t imagine life without it – for ultimate odor control and convenient cleanup, it’s litter-ally a life saver. 


Greatly reduces cat litter smell in home

Decreases the amount of trips to the trash

So easy to use, you'll want to scoop more

Other pets don't get into the litter as often

It has the 100% Cat Daddy seal of approval





Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy, aka the Cat Daddy, is an animal advocate and cat behavior and wellness expert, host of “My Cat from Hell” and two-time New York Times best-selling author. Founded in 2015, the Jackson Galaxy Project seeks to better the lives of at-risk animals by transforming the places they live and helping the people who care for them.

Beth Stern

Beth Stern’s mission is to personally foster and rehabilitate abandoned felines to be adopted and welcomed into new and safe forever homes. National spokesperson and New York Times best-selling author, Beth has provided spay or neuter, foster care, and facilitated adoptions for over 1,400 unwanted cats and kittens over the past six years.


Nala Cat was adopted from a shelter by a loving family before stepping into the spotlight. 4 million Instagram followers later, Nala is a Guinness World Record holder, and creator of her own book, Living Your Best Life According to Nala Cat, and super-premium cat food brand, Love, Nala. 


Moshow, aka The Cat Rapper, is a cat advocate, author, and musician. He is on a mission to raise awareness of the millions of abused, abandoned, and otherwise homeless cats in need of forever homes. He resides in Portland, Oregon with his 5 spirited cats – Black $avage, Sushi, Lil Parmesan, Mega Mam, and DJ Ravioli.

Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw is a kitten rescuer, humane educator, and New York Times bestselling author who has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals. Her project, Kitten Lady, strives to create global change in the way we perceive and treat the tiniest and most vulnerable felines.


Venus the Two Face Cat is a tortoiseshell cat whose face is half black and half red tabby. Adopted in 2009, Venus found fame after a viral Reddit post in 2012 which lead to over 2 million followers on Instagram. Venus loves photoshoots and her purrfect family, cats Tater Tot, Roo and Ginger, and dog Halo.